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Like the look of those books you can buy to document milestones for your child? Or perhaps you'd like to do things a little "old school" and hand-write your birth story along with little note's to your child as they grow. I can tell you, a 2 sentence note from Father to Daughter is going to melt your heart when you put him up to it! And he'll be inspired by the gorgeous image of her in his arms from one of your photo sessions.

This personalised Journal is based on the milestone book / personal journal concept. The difference is, the photo's are all of you and your baby, and you can customise the content to include as much printed text, photography and space for your own hand-written words. Victoria will do all the design work, you'll simply need to answer a few questions along the way and specify which imaes you'd like to use, or leave it all up to her to decide!

Now, about the books. You know the name, Moleskine - First made over a century ago by traditional French bookbinders, Moleskine notebooks have been used by some of the world’s most creative people. Trademark tactile black covers, rounded corners, a back pocket, and luxurious ivory paper are all synonymous with minds that see the world a different way.

You can have between 20 to 80 pages included in these books, so there is flexibility to incorporate multiple session photo's or expand it's versitility for events such as Christening Guest Books.

Book Sizing - Medium Landscape 9.25 x 7.4'' (23.5 x 18.8cm)

Moleskine Photo Journal

Moleskine Photo Journal - 20 pages
Moleskine Photo Journal - 32 pages
Moleskine Photo Journal - 52 pages
Moleskine Photo Journal - 64 pages
Moleskine Photo Journal - 80 pages
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